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I hold One-to-One sessions in my beautiful healing cabin, HeartSpace. It is quiet and nestled in nature at the bottom of my garden. Come along, relax, take time, get centered, be heard and leave feeling renewed and ready to face the world anew.

I open up 5 sessions each week for 1-1s. I love welcoming folk to HeartSpace. I have a rich toolbar of holistic skills & therapeutic tools to help you - drawing on many years of training and experience in counselling, reiki, mindfulness, listening, various healing methods, enquiry, coaching and personal development.

I regularly help people cope with;

-  stress & overwhelm 

-  anxiety & depression

-  illness

-  grief & loss

-  fears & phobias

-  change 

-  negative mindsets

-  relationship issues

Feeling the struggle of balancing life’s stresses?

Can’t see the wood for the trees, which path to take?

Knowing something needs to change but ...what?

Need time to get clear and make sense of stuff? 

A session is sometimes all that is needed to get clear and find a way to move forward. If its something bigger that needs more work to make change, we may meet over 2 or 3 sessions. Some folk book in monthly. Over the years, many people have come along, and return again whenever they are in need. 

All are welcome adults, children, couples.

I regularly see children who may be struggling with fears and anxieties, and also girls who are approaching Menarche. I also welcome couples who are in need of some help engaging with one another. I offer a safe space to to speak and reconnect, if you'd prefer not to embark on traditional weekly Relate/Marriage Guidance style counselling. 

Quiet space, peace & quiet, just for you, with a brew and a biscuit.

Right now we have the doors open, or sit outside in the garden if the weather is good.

I am also holding sessions via Zoom /Whats-App video call. 

£50 per session (allow 1.5 hours)

£75 per session for couples

£35 per session for youngsters (1hr)

Concessions available if needed. Happy to do exchange too.

I'm available most weekdays and some evenings - get in touch to find a time to suit.

I also offer Gift Vouchers if you would like to gift a session to a loved one. 


Do get in touch if your heart is beckoning you,





Feedback from others...​​

"I have gained more from this one session than I have from months of counselling sessions and hundreds of pounds spent!Thank you Su" Pippa


"Thank you so much for the time you gave me at HeartSpace. The talk we had has been life changing. I now look at my life very differently. Thank you Su. You are an inspiration." Tracy

"Thank you Su for giving me your time & energy yesterday, you are amazing, and the best Mentor I could wish for." Amy

"Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for all the support and helping me to realise what I needed to do" Zoe


 “Thank you for the past 3 weeks. You have given me tips and techniques to live life in a more positive & mindful way. Words can’t describe how much I needed this or the impact it has had on my life” Becky

"Thank you so much for the session in HeartSpace yesterday, it was really so helpful and I feel much more positive now, and lighter from addressing these worries. Thank you." Kat

“The insight and kindness offered by Su combined with the peacefulness of the space was truly astounding. I left feeling more positive, more calm, more centred and more certain than I have felt in a long time....” Sarah

"I first met Su last year when I was recommended to see her by my Personal Trainer, and boy am I glad I went. Su is exceptionally welcoming and has such a calming aura surrounding her, and within HeartSpace. It is a place of reflection and clarity. A year later I found myself hitting a brick wall, and I found myself again at Su's door. This time Su led me through a Constellation Therapy session which helped me to look at my life from a completely different perspective. Amazing. Su is thorough with each session, gives you notes to take home with you which are great to look back on on you have an off day. Su makes you feel like you can conquer anything. I highly recommend a visit!" F. 


"In HeartSpace Su has created a unique, safe and nurturing space where you can take time to look into you. I found my energy and focus was restored after a morning session there, which included a foot soak, sharing of where I was at the time, tailored yoga and references to helpful books as guidance. I felt totally supported, relaxed and energetically renewed. Su brings support, love and energy with an open mind. A truly unique experience and one I will regularly tap into."



" In the demands of every day life we rarely take any real time for ourselves.  Visiting HeartSpace was a fantastic experience.  I had been feeling uptight and letting past events get the better of me, but spending time with Su really put things into perspective.  HeartSpace is a relaxing haven and helped me to see with greater clarity what was important.  Su's wise and perceptive comments and exercises had a profound effect on my thinking and her suggestions for further reading were spot on!  HeartSpace provides a warm and accepting setting for self-exploration, and I will definitely return.  Thanks Su!" Xxxx



"After a difficult few months I approached Su to see if time in Heartspace could help me to reconnect my heart and head. I was not disappointed, the insight and kindness offered by Su combined with the peacefulness of the space was truly astounding. I left feeling more positive, more calm, more centred and more certain than I have felt in a long time. I feel privileged to have been able to spend time there mulling things over with one of life's 'good guys' xx

 (In fact, it was so relaxing that I didn't even eat my chocolate biscuits)"



“Thanks Su, I’m so glad I came. Feel loads clearer” E.


“It was great to see you, thank you for all your help and for making the little flip book for K. She really enjoyed it, and I feel quite emotional about the session, can’t quite put in words how grateful I am” F and daughter K.

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