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About Susanna

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I'm Susanna, glad to meet you!


I love reading folks journeys and am always curious as to how they've travelled and deepened through their life. This is a little sharing of the path I have walked....

Firstly, I am a Mum to two teenage lads, and soul mate to my beloved. My other purpose is as sacred space holder, and way-shower, supporting folk through transitions, guiding folk home to themselves, and back to love. I offer sessions to help people find their way back to their heart when they feel they’ve lost their way. I work intuitively and offer a safely held space to drop into.  

have been honing my practice of holding space for over 25 years. I started out as a Secondary school Drama & Pastoral teacher & Counsellor, back in 1994 then moved to Asia to teach in International Schools in KL and Singapore. I trained in reiki and meditation/mindfulness and went on to train as a Yoga teacher in 2001 after looking forward to leading the 'Staff Yoga' on Fridays after school a little too much!! 


 I spent 15 years specialising in Women's wellbeing - offering Pregnancy and Mums & Babies Yoga, Active Birth preparation for couples and Doula support at birth. I have had the absolute honour of accompanying thousands of women on their transition through to motherhood, and held families as they landed and adjusted. I still hold these women close to my heart.

During the past decade, I have deepened into cyclical living and for the past 3 years I have co-created a cyclical living journal with a dear friend - the Wild Wisdom Journal.  Cyclical living is at my core and I find the holding container of cycles to be my most trusted guide - working with the moon, menstrual cycles, seasons of nature, life cycles - and all the thresholds that present as we are constantly on the move somewhere....


I love to gather beings into presence, to feel held and connected, to themselves and each other, whether that be in a women's circle, a grandmother's meditation group,  Retreats or one-to-one support in my beautiful garden cabin ‘HeartSpace.’ I regularly get asked to serve in different local schools to help both staff and students to press pause, holding supportive group space and circles, monthly sessions at Staffordshire Women's Aid, and bespoke workshops on all aspects of wellbeing.


I have done a lot of training in counselling, intuitive coaching, NLP, children's yoga & wellness, mindfulness, meditation, relaxation, yoga Nidra, EFT, Menstrual Cycle Awareness and various healing modalities including crystal healing and reiki, and all of this has contributed to who I am and what I share.

I often get called to lead ceremony & hold space at important thresholds and initiatory moments - Blessingways, Naming Ceremony/Baby Blessings, Weddings, Menarche & Menopause thresholds, Funerals and Celebrations of Life. I trust that when I get called to something it's because I am being asked to serve. I live my life in this way, divining & receiving. I also volunteer at the Dougie Mac Hospice and hold space as a Funeral Celebrant. You can find more of my work with death and dying at

I have been very lucky to have learnt from some amazing elders & wise women teachers who I feel blessed to have sat beside and be able to grow their wisdom in the work I do with women.

Sarah Manning - my brilliant first Yoga teacher 

Peter Hudson - for honing my listening skills.

Jorva Hamilton, shining light, my Reiki Master

Andrea Nerva, switch-on to my path, and the way of the Goddess

Janet Balaskas for putting the power back into pregnancy and birth

Kicki Hansard modelling the quiet power of serving with integrity in the birthing space

Michel Odent - for teaching me to trust in 'being' is plenty

Marnetta Vegas - for reminding me how to play

Debra Delglyn for taking off my training wheels!

Sharon Mcerlane & The Grandmothers - introducing me to the Divine feminine, loving all, serving all...

Bee McGovern - for her exquisite role modelling of owning clear boundaries and attention to detail.

Amber Bates - a true gift of Universal perfect timing, and connecting me to my Cycle

Miranda Gray - illuminating in me the power of connecting /healing with our womb

Alexandra Pope & Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer - lighting my inner fire & power to know my calling

Mirella - for introducing me to Mama Gena and the call to Pleasure

Miriam - for teaching me how to hold my power

Alexandra Grace Derwen - modelling utter integrity & honouring of the unseen landscape 

The philosophy behind my offerings is simple and gentle - we all do too much, try to be too much. Each era of our life calls for a process of letting go and surrender. There is no ‘right’ way. We’re all just muddling through, struggling with change, adapting to each new season and never having enough time! I hope to help you to find your instinct, discover what lights you up, re-discover trust and most of all, stay present to what is....Life is unfolding perfectly in each moment if we can just offer up the resistance and welcome in the love.

I feel so blessed to be able to serve and feel totally honoured to be asked to share in peoples lives. We’re all co-creating such a rich tapestry of life and I learn so much from you all - thank you...

Hope to connect with you soon,

With love, thanks and huge blessings, Susanna xx

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