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All are welcome to our Monthly Women's Circle.


Come together as a circle of women - to share, stretch, rest, and connect.

A chance to drop-in to an all-female space, and re-find your centre.

We follow the lead of the moon & seasons and honour each aspect, saluting where we are in the greater picture of Mother Nature.

Expect a little movement and mindful meditation, sharing around the theme of the evening, connecting to your inner rhythm and to others. We usually gather around the fire pit in the Summer months, or by candlelight in the cabin during the darker months.


Holding, listening, sharing, being heard. Oracle cards and Yoga Nidra to finish, plus tea and cake!


Next ones around the fire pit: (max 10 places)

              28th May, 11th June,  2nd July,

             6th August, 10th September

Next ones in the cabin: (max 8 places)

               1st October, 5th November,                                                  3rd December 

                    7.00pm - 9.00pm 

                        Exchange: £15

Please bring a blanket.

Please get in touch to book your spot in the circle and send payment to confirm your place. Thank you. 

Bookings close 24hrs before the Circle.


Sunday Sanctuary

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"You are so skilled at what you do, yet you do it so gently and seemingly effortlessly" Helen

"This always re-sets me and is the one time I try to prioritise, just for me. Loved last night, came home feeling a million per cent better. Thank you." Sarah

"Thank you for this evening. Really calming, sustaining and warming" Hannah

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