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I love holding space for important thresholds in life and have spent most of my working career being alongside people as they navigate key transitions - through birth, adolescence, marriage, motherhood, menopause and death. Marking these moments in ceremony is a beautiful way to bring forth the gold and acknowledge the love and power available for us at these points in our life journey.

If you are interested in my support in creating a unique ceremony for you, and holding space for the magic to unfold, just drop me a message and we can have a chat.


A Blessingway is a beautiful alternative to the traditional baby shower.

It takes place in the last few weeks of pregnancy and focuses more on the mother than the baby - helping to prepare and empower her in readiness for birth.


Naming Ceremony

There is nothing quite like a circle of women to hold and support a soon-to-birth mama. Sharing stories & wisdom, nurturing mama and reassuring her of her power to birth. Together we will build a ceremony that feels nourishing - physically, emotionally and spiritually. It may include bump henna, flower crowns, affirmations & intention setting, bead stringing, mother blessing stones, candle lighting - there are so many ideas to make the ceremony truly your own.

Prices from £150


A naming ceremony is a beautiful way to welcome your new baby with a gathering of friends and family. It is an announcement to the World that you are officially naming and welcoming them into your family. 


I will write your ceremony telling the story of your child and their special role in your family. You can share your hopes and dreams for your child, offer your promises to them and declare 'Guideparents' to look out for them as they journey through life. 

We will select meaningful music, readings or poems to mark the moment and dedicate a loving pathway forward. We can also discuss activities for the family to join in with - such as a life wish tree, lighting candles, a joint creation such as a painting or message board or what each guest can bring to add to the ceremony.

Each Naming Ceremony is unique and such a beautiful way to welcome your child into their community.

Prices from £150


Creating a special day, crafted your way, is possible for you with a Celebrant led ceremony – it is the heart of the wedding day, with your story at its heart, full of meaning and treasured for years to come.


I have been holding space for folk for over 20 years and love creating bespoke ceremonies that reflect your love, values and personality. 


A celebrant led ceremony is ideal if you would love your day to be uniquely yours, without the same scripts used by registrars or the standard Church service.


  • A carefully crafted ceremony that is all about you two.

  • Something different and unique, one of a kind.

  • Rituals to reflect your loving union.

  • Your own vows & promises, in your own words.


It also means you can hold your ceremony outdoors or in a venue of your choice. It’s your day to create your way, and I’d love to help you eek out what that might look like for you – bringing together some of the following elements to make it a ceremony like no other.

  • Setting space and theme

  • Including symbolic rituals

  • Holding a Handfasting ceremony

  • Readings, music, Blessings

  • Involving your friends and relatives

Prices from £450

How it works:


After chatting on availability, we’ll meet first for a chat on zoom to get to know one another & talk through what kind of ceremony you’d like for your special day. If we feel a good match, I’ll begin to craft your ceremony from your ideas and together, we’ll create something magic. We’ll be in touch over the coming weeks/ months and meet on zoom again to make sure it’s just as you want it. 


From the moment you book, I’ll be dreaming your ceremony into words. 


You can review a copy of it via email closer to the time or if you prefer, be surprised on the day.


So, if you’d like to talk more, simply click the ‘Contact Su’ button below and we can arrange a time to meet.


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