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Womens Circles & Classes

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Woman Kind Wednesdays - the mid week morning one!

Every other week we hold a Wednesday morning circle at HeartSpace, my cabin down the garden. It has become a beautiful pit-stop mid week to re-centre, find stillness and connect with other women. 

Each gathering explores a different essential sharing for women - in mindfulness, self-care, radical rest, meditation, owning our power, connecting to our inner rhythms, finding our voice and knowing our needs.

Wednesdays 9.30am -11.00am

HeartSpace, Cold Meece, Stone.

£30 for the term. Next term Starts 8th January 2020

We meet 3 times within a 6 week term.

Bring some warm socks and a blanket if you like.

"It's a really valuable time for me, thanks to everyone for their love & kindness" S. April 2019

"I really enjoy coming and look forward to it - such a beautiful, caring & supportive group. Thank you." L, June 2019

"Thank you for an extremely profound, open, honest, vulnerable, authentic session this morning. I feel like I gained so much from it today. Thank you Su for holding the space for us" L, July 2019

Woman Kind Yoga - the end of the week one!

Come along and gather at the end of the week, and take some time for yourself before the weekend begins, within a beautiful, supportive circle of women. A gentle class including some yoga poses, breathing practice, affirmation, meditation, visualisation and Yoga Nidra. We grab a cuppa on arrival, take our place in the circle and see where we've landed in our lives at the end of the week. 

Friday 9.30am - 11.00am 

Next term starts 10th January 2020

Swynnerton Village Hall,

Early Lane,

Swynnerton. ST15 0RB

£48 for a 6 week term. £10 pay as you go.​

Bring a mat and a cushion & blanket

"This class is like a re-set before the weekend. I breathe out."D.

"Everything feels better after Yoga!" K.

"I say to myself I'll be alright once I get to Yoga!" S

"I love our women circle! Thank you for doing these lovely classes!" A

Mums Yoga - the original Wednesday evening one!

Take a bit of time for yourself towards the end of a busy week to re-fill and replenish. This gentle yoga class is especially for Mums. We have been meeting here on Wednesday evenings for over 10 years, with ever-changing women who find it when they need it, and return again when they are ready.


We focus on stretching and strengthening, relaxing and releasing, all the bits that get tired and over burdened from our backs and shoulders, to our heads and hearts. We follow a seasonal flow of yoga and themes, and have ‘stay behind suppers’ at the end of each term - mince pies, hot cross buns, strawberries & cream!

We usually run in term time, in 5 week blocks. It's very chilled and relaxed, some of us come in our PJs and there is chance to grab a cup of tea or hot chocolate on arrival! We always have chocolate on the altar to share and it is an extremely nurturing space to share and connect with others. It's fun, friendly and not at all cliquey. You are welcome, exactly as you are....

Wednesdays   7.30pm - 9.00pm 

Next term starts 8th January 2020

Swynnerton Village Hall,

Early Lane,

Swynnerton. ST15 0RB

£48 for a 6 week term. £10 pay as you go.

Bring a mat and a Blanket & cushion.

Jim Jams welcome!

"Thank you for a wonderful class. You are like a soothing balm for the soul" Emma 2011

"I always sleep amazing after Mums Yoga and have dropped whatever worry I come in with" Sarah 2013

"My favourite night of the week!" Andra 2018

"You weave such a safe, holding presence in our circles. I always feel like you bring out the best in us all, we all leave better for spending time with you" Claire 2019

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