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Cycle Awareness


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Switch on to your Cycle


Discover how you are 4 different women each month, and learn how to chart & communicate this to your partner, family and make it part of your life.

Menstrual issues such as irregular periods, pain & discomfort, heavy bleeds, raging PMS, low mood & anxiety, loss of libido can all be explored and eased through Cycle awareness. It is very simple but profound in its capacity to heal, empower and transform.

This Workshop is perfect if you would like to understand more about how you change through each phase, and want to know how to live in-synch with your cycle. It is also a perfect 'depeening' if you already practice Cycle awareness but wish to know more and understand the uniqueness of your Cycle better.

This awareness is often a real 'light bulb moment' for many women - we just don't get taught this stuff!

Come along and Switch on to the power of your Inner Map...

Our next Workshop introducing the art of Menstrual Cycle Awareness is....

Saturday 16th September 

2.00pm - 5.00pm

£55 inc a copy of Wild Wisdom Journal


I hold these half-day Workshops a few times a year.

We also have a wonderful private FB group where a community of Cycle aware women share, connect and support one another.

If you feel called to share an afternoon within a gorgeous circle of women, do get in touch to book your spot on the sofa...

6 places max.


We have a really supportive FB group called 'Cycle Sisters' where there is an abundance of support and sharing. Catch a weekly 'Live' to help check in with your practice.

"Its like finding out there was a key to a door you never knew 

existed" Sarah

"I wish I'd known about this earlier. I have been tracking my moods and energy levels this past few months and sharing them with my husband. It's been marriage making." Emily 

"I am always astonished at just how brilliant, clever & in-tune our cycle is - always delivering us the perfect experience to bring us back into harmony & alignment.

Just by paying attention to our cycle, invites a conversation with it and a return to balance. My Cycle is always a reflection of where I am oozing or misusing my power & energy. It has been the practice that has made the biggest impact in my life on all levels." Julie

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