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Menstrual Cycle

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What is it?


 There is a map running inside you that is attuned to your needs, and phases. As women, we are cyclical beings, and can easily connect with all natural cycles - of the moon, of the seasons and of life & death. You are a different version of yourself each and every day. And each version has her own optimal way of being in the World.

Most of us have never been taught this information, aspects of our cycles are often dismissed, ridiculed, shamed, medicated and we are meant to be the same socially accepted, busy, productive woman all month long (think Bodyform advert!) Well, we are not built that way!

Accepting where we are and adjusting accordingly is a massive part of cycle awareness. It returns us to the whole, it makes sense. Where else do we get encouraged to tune-in to our needs and feelings and make a decision based on that?!

In practicing Cycle awareness we hold the capacity to truly understand our own nature, develop exquisite self-care and assist the Divine feminine in her steady return to power.

By bringing awareness to our Menstrual Cycle we have the potential to really understand our very own unique rhythm. It is very simple but profound in its capacity to heal, empower and transform.

The more cycle aware we can be before embarking on the path towards menopause, the better. 

Wow! Fancy a bit of that?!​


Discovering Menstruality

My initiation into the world of Menstruality came in a moment of divine synchronicity (as all the very best things do...)

Once upon a time, a deep soul sister named Amber had found my details and was interested in my work with the Divine Feminine. At the very same moment, I had discovered details about her Moon Mother work. Just as I was emailing her, my phone rang - it was her! We talked for an hour. It felt like coming home....

From that point on, I immersed myself in as many books and teachings as possible, began to chart my cycle, and did the Moon Mother Training with Miranda Gray. At the time my Cycle was causing me a lot of distress. I was seeing a Gynaecologist for abnormal bleeding, and was lined up for an ablation/hysterectomy. I thank the Goddess, every cycle, for meeting Amber, as from that point on I began to truly trust and listen to my cycle, instead of medicating it, fearing it and wanting to change it. 

Amber shared her MCA workshop with some of us in HeartSpace, and we have been supporting each other with our Cycle awareness ever since - sharing our realisations, holding each other in the deep, mysterious unfolding of this daily, practical wisdom.

In 2017, I was lucky enough to join Red Schools 'Women's Quest Apprenticeship' with Alexandra Pope & Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer, which was such an amazing experience and journey. To spend such time immersed in the 'Wild Power' teachings and with such trailblazers for women acknowledging their cyclical knowledge - just wow!

It's now almost 10 years on from my 'switch on' to the powerful rhythm within, I love sharing with others and helping other women discover their innate power....

Hope to share time and space with you soon....xx

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