We have just completed our 3rd year long journey of our women's Quest. We have been meeting on or around the New Moon / Full Moon, deepening into our cyclical ways and really excavating our tendencies, needs and power within a safe circle of women.

2020 & 2021 - 'The Lunar Quest' was a journey into the menstrual cycle. Each month a group of 6 women gathered together, shared & travelled through a process of understanding themselves with their menstrual cycle as the guide.

2021 - 'The Power Quest' - this was a continuation  from the previous years group - a a deep dive into empowerment, leading with the moon, the menstrual cycle and women's wisdom.

2022 - The Peri Quest' - this years Quest has centred around the perimenopause transition. 8 women walking together through the shifts and change, learning, sharing, supporting one another. 


Each month there is a different focus & teaching on an aspect of our cycle, seasonal/lunar connection, with sacred tasks to complete, constant group support & sharing. Specialist speakers/guides join us twice a year, decided by the needs of the group. 

Our next one will be starting January 2023. I am still waiting to feel into what our focus will be for year long adventure together next year....

The value of journeying together safely within a group of women  is immense - you can go far deeper and learn far more than you can on your own!

We meet on Zoom and in person when possible. We decide dates & times to suit as a group to ensure that everyone can make them.

As part of the Quest, you can expect...

•  A specific focus each month to help you to navigate the wisdom of each phase and work out where your tender spots are & where your power lies.

• Monthly handouts & materials to support you.

• Medicine Circles to help us reveal aspects of your cycle that are calling to you. 

• A chance to understand your Menarche and experience a ceremony to mark it.

• Half monthly check-ins via zoom around the Full Moon occasionally to feel the different effect in your cycle.

• Listening Partnerships, so that you have an ally to connect with and journey together. 

• A travelling journal to chronicle the journey together

•  a private FB group to share and connect.

• 2 x 1-1 sessions to check in with you and lead you through a Menstrual Medicine Circle.

The exchange would be £90 payable in January, April, July & October (or monthly £30 p/m) 

You would need to commit for the year, and we will meet at least 12 times, plus a few extra meets for check-ins and cermeonies. We will begin sometime around the January New Moon in 2023. 


This journey will begin to brew from the Samhain 2022 and end at the Winter Solstice 2023.

There are 8 places available.

If you'd be interested, or have any questions, please do get in touch,

With huge love and gratitude xx

The Quest

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