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Switch on to your Cycle

Discover how you are 4 different women each month, and learn how to chart & communicate this to your partner, family and make it part of your life.

Menstrual issues such as irregular periods, pain & discomfort, heavy bleeds, raging PMS, low mood & anxiety, loss of libido can all be explored and eased through Cycle awareness. It is very simple but profound in its capacity to heal, empower and transform.

This Workshop is perfect if you would like to understand more about how you change through each phase, and want to know how to live in-synch with your cycle. It is also a perfect 'deepening' if you already practice Cycle awareness but wish to know more and understand the uniqueness of your Cycle better.


Menarche for Mums

Would you like to prepare yourself and your daughter for their journey through puberty and their first period?


Our workshop is a chance for Mums to gather and learn how to best get ready for this big transition in their daughters life. This workshop is for Mums...

We'll cover stuff like:

What's happening in the run-up & how to spot things changing... hormones, physicality, the stepping away process.

Ways to support and engage with your daughter, including introducing the cycle map to her

Tips for preparing for your daughters first bleed

Engaging with your own Menarche experience

How to hold space for your daughter to consciously negotiate the transition

Resources, websites, books, apps, pants, period boxes and more!



Embracing the Change:

Navigating the Map of Perimenopause

This Workshop aims to bring you together with a community of women who are walking the same path. We will make sense of peaks and troughs, look at the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional pathways, and provide you with a real foundation of understanding to guide you out of the fog, and to embrace the process.

I usually hold this half-day Workshop twice each year.

After the Workshop, you are welcome to come along to the drop-ins at HeartSpace on the first (or so!) Sunday evenings of the month - to grow your practice and stay connected to other women.


Vision Boarding Workshops

In the Spring & Autumn I offer a few sessions to gather in HeartSpace and create a 'Vision Board' for what you would like to create as you move into the outward expansive spring/summer time of the year, and equally as you settle into the quiet, more inward phase of autumn /winter. This is a truly powerful process - to really feel into what you would like to attract for yourself. To allow space and time to feel into what this whole era is calling us forth to. It's a perfect time to explore what is in your heart, and play with the possibilities. 

The process will involve meditation, sharing & refining, creating and committing. Vision Boards are a really amazing way to distill the essence of what you would like to create and manifest in the World, and they help to remind you of your mission whilst sending a clear message out to the Universe!



Rekindling the Love - a workshop for couples

A chance to step out of the busy-ness of life & responsibility and remember your love for one another.

Who doesn't want an even better relationship?


Full time work, juggling life's practicalities & raising a family can really take its toll on relationships. It's all too easy to lose our way and forget our commitment to one another. This Workshop is an opportunity to gift yourself an afternoon focusing on your relationship, no interruptions/distractions - just quality time.

  • Take some time to remember your connection

  • Have fun & rediscover the joy you hold as a couple

  • Gather some reminders on how to listen & communicate clearly to help fuel your intimacy

  • Learn ways to keep the fires burning & commit to joy 

Fun exercises & reflective space to reconnect & rekindle your love.


All 'couple-based' sharing, (not whole group)

Nothing embarrassing, just a chance to grow your love & go home renewed in your love & connection.


Next workshop: TBC


"The best date you will ever have without a doubt! We can not recommend this Rekindling session more. I booked this as a surprise for our 10th Weddding Anniversary. Richard was totally out of his comfort zone as we arrived , but Susanna & Andrew soon had us laughing  and super relaxed. We revisited first dates, favourite holidays and left remembering exactly why we love each other, and also with some tools to keep that going into old age hopefully. Thank you so very much both!" Siobhan & Richard

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