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These run throughout the year in HeartSpace, with different themes for different seasons...

Dreaming the Vision 

As we rest here in the depths of these strange times, the call is to stay slow and close to ourselves and dream. To allow space and time to feel into what this whole era is calling us forth to. It's a perfect time to explore what is in your heart, and play with the possibilities. 

Later this year, in the Autumn I am planning to offer a few sessions to gather in HeartSpace and create a 'Vision Board' for what you would like to create as you move forward. This is a truly powerful process - to really feel into what you would like to attract for yourself.

The process will involve meditation, sharing & refining, creating and committing. Vision Boards are a really amazing way to distill the essence of what you would like to create and manifest in the World, and they help to remind you of your mission whilst sending a clear message out to the Universe!

Small groups of 4 max.

Dates tbc.  

£25 including all the materials & refreshments

Please get in touch for more info.


Thanks xx


Rekindling the Love

A workshop for couples - a chance to step out of the busy-ness of life & responsibility and remember your love for one another.

Who doesn't want an even better relationship?


Full time work, juggling life's practicalities & raising a family can really take its toll on relationships. It's all too easy to lose our way and forget our commitment to one another. This Workshop is an opportunity to gift yourself an afternoon focusing on your relationship, no interruptions/distractions - just quality time.

  • Take some time to remember your connection

  • Have fun & rediscover the joy you hold as a couple

  • Gather some reminders on how to listen & communicate clearly to help fuel your intimacy

  • Learn ways to keep the fires burning & commit to joy 

Fun exercises & reflective space to reconnect & rekindle your love.


All 'couple-based' sharing, (not whole group)

Nothing embarrassing, just a chance to grow your love & go home renewed in your love & connection.


Hoping to resume Autumn 2020

£75 per couple

Please get in touch to book your places.

"The best date you will ever have without a doubt! We can not recommend this Rekindling session more. I booked this as a surprise for our 10th Weddding Anniversary. Richard was totally out of his comfort zone as we arrived , but Susanna & Andrew soon had us laughing  and super relaxed. We revisited first dates, favourite holidays and left remembering exactly why we love each other, and also with some tools to keep that going into old age hopefully. Thank you so very much both!" Siobhan & Richard

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